Robots Have Begun Replacing Humans in China’s Factories

China’s automation ambitions are to reboot its manufacturing industry by replacing millions of workers with machines…

China is one country leading the charge when it comes to embracing robotics and artificial intelligence. Recently, the country saw the first robot dentist successfully operate on a patient, and there are plans to build an unmanned, AI-powered police station in a capital city. Both developments show signs of China’s progress to becoming a global leader in AI by 2030

China has begun replacing the workers in factories with robots. The move will reduce the number of accidents suffered by human workers, and has already increased it’s productivity in the country…

It’s true that automation can improve productivity and have positive impacts on society, but experts caution that we should also be wary about how far we take automation without proper plans. This is something Jon Wolfsthal, a non-resident fellow at Harvard University’s Managing the Atom project, suggested society be cautious of, saying, “the possible advantages … are endless, but so too are the risks.”

VIDEO CREDIT: MIT Technology Review