The Jetfoiler — Electric Hydrofoil (eFoil)


1. a watercraft equipped with hydrofoils that uses an electric motor or motors for propulsion.

—Don Montague

Meet the new Jetfoil, the brainchild of legendary kite designer Don Montague who was more recently seen designing the kiteboat that tore across San Fransisco Bay! These are electric, they hardly make a sound, and they create no wake! We presume the jet is built into the foil and can only imagine the efficiency of the foil combined with the electric engine will make for an awesome way to cross the water. Imagine a solar-powered version which could cross oceans…

Created by Kai Concepts, a water sports innovation team led by Don Montague. As the developers of the kiteboat, the Kai Concepts team can lay claim to an unrivaled level of experience with the build, test, and control of hydrofoil systems. The Jetfoiler represents the next logical step in hydrofoil technology, pairing the sleek and silent foil with a clean and quiet electric motor…

Video Credit:  kiteboat

More Info Here:  Jetfoiler