Sex Robot Needs Emergency Repairs After Trade Show Attendees Badly Assault Her

Samantha the sex doll has fallen victim to foul play after being man handled at an electronics fair in Austria. the model which was being exhibited at the ars electronica was left in need of cleaning and repairs after visitors experienced the latest development in artificial intimacy…

  Samantha the Sex Doll is an interactive robot designed with one specific purpose: that purpose is pleasure.  Samantha is the latest development in a growing trend which has seen brothel customers preferring robots over sexual intercourse with a human. During a display at the Ars Electronica Festival in the city of Linz, Samantha shows off her ‘skills’, which include reacting to touch, hugging and moaning – and remembering individuals she has ‘interacted’ with…

  In a curious, if not completely disturbing, technological development, it appears that attendees at the recent electronics trade show were a little TOO impressed by Samantha the Sex Doll .  The robotics developers at Synthea Amatus were disturbed to learn that their creation had been abused and assaulted by convention goers at this year’s gathering. While ordinary this would sound like the work of some childish pranksters, the truth here is a little more upsetting when you learn that it was the work of adult males…


VIDEO CREDIT: Rocking Views




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