A Bionic Hand That Can Feel…

What a woman with a bionic hand can feel. Scientists have unveiled the first bionic hand with a sense of touch that can be worn outside the laboratory. Almerina Mascarello’s bionic hand provides sensory feedback to her brain via electrodes in her upper arm…

Scientists in Rome unveiled the first portable bionic hand that allows users to regain a sense of touch. While there have been past experiments in the development of similar artificial limbs, none have left the lab as they required extensive external sensory and computer equipment to function. The technology progressed quickly enough though  that it can now fit in a backpack…

The prosthetic hand has sensors that detect whether objects are soft or hard.  The messages, sent back to a computer, are turned into signals the human brain Understands.Data is relayed to Almernia’s brain using tiny electrode implants in her  arm nerves.  She proved the gadget worked by telling whether objects were soft or hard while wearing a blindfold…

Unfortunately, Almerina was only able to keep the hand for six months, as it was a prototype, but there’s hope the technology will make it to the market soon. It’s not the teams only goal though, as researchers have stated that ultimately they’ll be able to make a prosthetic that surpasses the human hand. Once motor control and the sense of touch has been perfected, we could start seeing limbs with more than five digits…

Video Credit:  BBC News





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