The Babel fish is real! Earbuds Can Translate Languages For You in Real-Time

It’s the technological equivalent of the Babel fish from Douglas Adams‘ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy except it’s sadly limited to Earth-based languages and won’t be able to translate any alien words for you just yet…

bable fish3

Anybody who’s ever tried to get by in a foreign country without much grasp of the local language can tell you, oversized hand gestures and speaking English loudly and slowly will only get you so far…

They call it the Pilot, the earpiece is shaped like a regular earbud, but comes without any wires or cables. It sits in your ear, and even without an internet connection it translates words being spoken to you in another language on the fly…

Waverly Labs says two earpieces are included in each pack, so two people should always be able to understand one another, provided you’re speaking in supported languages. The first generation of the device only works when you’re speaking to someone who also has the earbud, but the company says future versions will be able to translate from any spoken source around you…

Video Credit: iTranslate

More info here: iTranslate Website




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