NASA: NEW 6-Wheeled Mars Rover Concept Vehicle

Parker Brothers, a company that specializes in amazing custom vehicles, has built their own Mars Rover concept for NASA. It was shown off at the Kennedy Space Center‘s visitor complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida…

The rover’s electric motor is powered by a 700-volt battery, which is in turn charged by built-in solar panels. Its GPS- and radio-equipped front section seats four people, and can detach from the rear for outings such as scouting missions. That rear section houses a mock lab, and is made to be self-supporting while the rest of the vehicle is off exploring.

The vehicle’s six semi-spherical wheels are designed to provide optimal traction on both rocks and in sand, offering plenty of surface area while also incorporating slats to keep them from getting bogged down…

Following several weeks on display at Kennedy’s visitor complex, the Mars rover concept vehicle will be displayed at several locations. From July through August, it will be displayed at several locations during a tour along the East Coast…

If Batman were to go to Mars, is this what he would drive once he got there???

Video Credit: Raja That!





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