DIY Bio-hacking Can Change The World

In recent years, more than any new movement in the bio-based universe, bio-hacking is taking over labs and living rooms to become a global bio-based phenomenon. Bio-hacking is as varied as it is spectacular.  Bio-hackers, much like their computer hacker forebears, prefer asking for forgiveness rather than permission…

Whether you’re ready to convert your garage into a full blown laboratory or just want to try a few fun experiments with your friends, there are plenty of projects to inspire you to DIY…

Human-to-Human Interface

Makers are exploring a growing number of neural interfaces to control devices, but Greg Gage of Backyard Brains uses electromyography, or EMG, to control something more interesting than a robot — he’s using it to control humans! With DIY human-to-human interfacing you can send signals from your muscles to your friend’s and make them move under your command…



OpenBCI’s boards and components allow amateur scientists to easily and affordably access the EEG, EKG, and EMG (brain, heart, and muscle) activity of a subject. Through its open protocol, you can track health data and brainwave activity and use those measured values to trigger and control any number of other programs or projects. One cool implementation: Controlling a toy helicopter throttle using just your brain’s alpha waves…


Replicate DNA at Home

Being able to replicate DNA is a necessary part of experiments that involve mapping genomes, detecting viruses and bacteria, and diagnosing genetic disorders, but the lab equipment that enables this replication can cost upwards of $10,000. This DIY polymerase chain reaction (PCR) thermocycler setup is an affordable alternative targeted for high schoolers…


Regardless of the approach to or application of bio-hacking, this growing, biotechnological social movement in which individuals, communities, and start-up organisations work together outside of traditional research institutions, will see a huge rise in the study of biology and life sciences. More than that, this kind of freestyle DIY biology brings bio-based invention back into the public domain, accessible at all levels of ability and training…

Video Credit: ReasonTV



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