Star Trek or Mad Max? Where is humanity headed

Is humanity headed toward a Star Trek-like utopia or a Mad Max-inspired dystopia?

With exponential technologies, we’re now at a junction in which the impossible is becoming possible.  We can literally solve the grand challenges of humanity.

—  Vivek Wadhwa

Wadhwa uses three questions as an ethical lens for evaluating new technologies. Each question relates back to the themes of equality, risk, and autonomy.

    1. Does the technology have the potential to benefit everyone equally?
    2. What are the risks and rewards?
    3. Does the technology more strongly promote autonomy or dependence?

Watch Here: How Today’s Technology Is Catching up to Star Trek

Knowing the ethical nuances aren’t always black and white, Wadhwa believes these questions are a helpful framework for understanding and evaluating technology.

technologies such as artificial intelligence, CRISPR gene editing, and robotics through this framework. In the case of artificial intelligence, for example, Wadhwa suggests all AI systems should be built with a kill switch, allowing humans to shut them down, no matter how advanced…


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