This Sex Robot Will Love You. Really.

RealDoll, as the name suggests, make incredibly life-like sex dolls.  While most AI personal assistants we chat to today—Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Echo—hire writers to ensure their responses are charming but always professional, RealDoll is trying to exploit the developments in speech recognition to create an AI whose main aim is to get you mentally and physically excited. A doll that can think for itself and will learn more about you as your relationship develops, while also satisfying your sexual urges…

Trying to build on top of the basic personal assistant AI architecture you see elsewhere to create something similar to The Sims, where the AI has a needs system and the experience is game-ified. So the AI has desire—or at least the illusion of desire—and there are goals, and if you meet them you’re going to get some kind of reward, be that verbal, visual, or in sexual movements.

People are only designing AIs to be support systems—they’re not trying to make them entertaining or a lover, like RealDoll is.  It’s far more than sexual entertainment. They are making a robot that can have sex.  Although it’s a very different, very intimate way that you can connect with something that is robotic and has AI technology built in…


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