Gravity is a British technology start-up founded by Richard Browning in March 2017 dedicated to improving aviation across the world. Their first suit, the Daedalus, is expected to travel at speeds of 100 mph and costs around $250,000 to produce…

Watch Here: The Real Life Iron Man Jetpack that Actually Flies

iron man

Propulsion comes from six miniature jet engines – similar to those used in jet-powered model aeroplanes – which are mounted on the arms and the lower back.

Though the suit is capable of extreme speeds and altitudes, Browning is currently exercising a bit of restraint.

“The suit can fly in most locations,” he tells us. “Despite being capable of flying at several hundred miles per hour, and at thousands of feet, normal operation sees the wearer flying at no more than a couple of metres.”

We guess it’s true what they say; with great power comes great responsibility. (Even if that’s from Spider-Man, not Iron Man.)



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